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Salvage Cars Indianapolis

Salvage Cars Indianapolis

Salvage Cars Indianapolis

We buy junk cars and running cars!
We pay top dollar!

(317) 454-3202

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Salvage Cars Indianapolis

We will come pay you cash for your salvage cars and haul it away.  We own our own fleet of tow trucks and will tow your car for FREE.  It is no hassle to you.  Your salvage car doesn't have to run.  You junk car can have flats, be crashed or whatever.  We pay the most money for your salvage cars.  Your vehicle can be wrecked, running, or whatever.

Get rid of that old car sitting in the driveway, in your backyard, taking up space in your garage or parked over at your friends house, plus put a little money in your pocket.  Think how much better your yard will look without that old car sitting there on flat tires.  If you live in an apartment, they will tow your old car away without your knowledge and it will costs you dearly.  If your car is sitting on a flat, hasn't been moved in a few days, the license plate is expired or if you don't have the proper parking tag.  Call us before this happens and put some money in your pocket for your junk car.

We buy your salvage cars no matter what kind of shape they are in.  Do you have a junker sitting in your driveway?  We will buy that junk car.  Does your car need repairs that you can't or don't want to pay for?  We'll give you cash for your junk car.  Do you have a need for fast cash for a family emergency?  Let us pay you cash.  We will tow it away free, usually within 24 hours.  Call Salvage Cars Indianapolis.

We're proud to call Indianapolis home, and we are proud that we are doing our part to keep the beautiful city of Indianapolis clean and help out Indianapolis working folks.

We buy most of our junk cars in the Indianapolis Metro area, but are willing to drive for some of them, so give us a call.  We are willing to work with you. 

We buy hundreds of junk cars every month, and our success is reliant on three things. First and foremost, we pay the most cash possible for the cars we buy. We can pay the most cash because we don't just buy cars for scrap but when possible, we try to re-sell the cars. We work with used parts suppliers, used car dealers, mechanics, and scrap metal and salvage yards all over the country.

Second, we always tow away your
junk car for free, and can usually pay for and pick up a car within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees, no strings attached. We show up with the cash we promised, you sign over the title, and we tow it away at absolutely no cost.

Third, we have relationships for over 25 years with buyers in your market and know that you have to be good for your word to succeed in the long run. We've been buying cars for 25 years and are a family owned and run business. If you accept our cash offer for your used car, wrecked car or junk
car, that cash will be in your hand and your old car will be towed away for free in the time frame we promised.

Our experience has taught us that the competition is tough. So, please give us a chance to buy your car, you'll see that we're a cut above the rest.

Salvage Cars Indianapolis

Salvage Cars Indianapolis
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