Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pull A Part Indianapolis

Pull A Part Indianapolis

  • Pull A Part Indianapolis

Pull A Part are the best organized salvage yards in Indianapolis, minutes from I70,  best prices on engines, doors, windows, tires, transmissions, alternators, windshields, radiators, Etc.
Come prepared to save money, their prices are very low.  Pull A Part Junkyard in Indianapolis prides on customer service, they have an interexchange system in place to help you find the part you need fast. Cars are organized by Make/Model/ Domestic/Foreign for you to find them easily. The junkyard counts with hundreds of vehicles in stock, they replenish the yard  in a daily basis, having a fresh inventory every week.
Pull A Part purchases their vehicles from local insurance auctions, Car Donations, and the General Public, they will pay you a great amount of money for your car, even if it doesn’t run, or if the car is not complete. Contact them today to arrange a Pick up.
You need to bring your own tools when you visit Pull A Part Indianapolis, make sure you also wear close toe shoes and that you are careful around the yard, bring someone to help you if you need to lift a big part like an engine, transmission or something that heavy.
No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the yard, or be left unattended in the cars or roaming around their premises.

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