Thursday, November 7, 2013

Junk Yard Inventory

Indiana Junk Yards

If you are looking to find a quality salvage yard in Indiana you have come to the right place.
How many times do you need used auto parts and just the thought of having to visit the dealer in your area sends chills down your spine because you know frar to well that you better load up your wallet quick before going? There is an alternative in finding a quality salvage yard in Indiana with our free, easy service. Now we dont just cram anyone in our directory but rather only those suppliers that are recognized by the national Automotive Recyclers Association

The process is quite simple. You can either select a part above with our easy locator form or you can find the city closest to you here and just take a peek at their address and phone to deal with that junk yard directly. Oh yeah, and by the way, we know that the term 'junk yard' does not must up any thoughts of confidence but our industry has changed over the years. Salvage yards, junk yards, wrecking yards are basically all terms used to describe what is now referred to as "Automotive Recycling Facilities" here in Indiana because this is exactly what we do - Recycle Automobiles or 'junk cars' in the form of highly usable and quality OEM used car parts.

Indiana Salvage Yards

Now what could you be waiting for. Seriously you can spend just a moment or two on our site to find out what you are looking for from what of our salvage yards or just browse around the site and maybe pickup something funny we have here.
Happy Browsing!
Indiana Junk Yards Team

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Indiana Used Auto Parts

Did you know there are over 100 million quality OEM parts sitting in junk yards all over the US and many many thousands of them are right here in Indiana. These are not 'junk parts' but rather top quality OEM parts that were working just fine until the unlucky owner typically was on their phone when they shouldn't have been!


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