Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Indianapolis Junk Yards

Indianapolis Junk Yards

In Indianapolis junkyards serve several different purposes.  Primarily the are a place to sell your junk cars and junk trucks.  They are also a place to purchase used auto parts, used engines and used transmissions.  If you want a used transmission or a use engine, we recommend you click on the following link.  Used Transmissions and Used Engines.  If you are wanting to sell your junk cars we recommend that you click on the following link.  Junk Cars Indianapolis.  We offer free towing and we always pay cash for junk cars.

Junk cars Indianapolis


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beech Grove Towing

Beech Grove Towing

Beech Grove TowingIAR Towing-servicing the Indy area

If you are in or around Beech Grove, Indiana, we are your towing company.  We have flatbeds (rollbacks) to accommodate all of your towing needs. 
  1. Tow truck
  2. Wrecker Service
  3. Roadside Assistance
  4. Flat tires changed
  5. Private tows
  6. Abandoned car removal
  7. Stranded or broke down
  8. Flatbed towing
  9. Rollback service
  10. Winch outs
  11. Battery jumps
We service Beech Grove, Wanamaker, Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Camby, and most areas surrounding Indianapolis.
IAR Towing is not affiliated with Beech Grove Towing and Recovery

Are you looking for a towing company in Beech Grove, Indiana?  Look no further.  We are the fastest, friendliest, most affordable towing company in the Beech Grove area.  Call us if you are broke down and need a tow, or if you just have a car that you need move.  We are the only call that you need to make in Beech Grove for a tow truck.

(317) 893-9008
Beech Grove Towing is a towing company built and designed for the purpose of towing cars with a tow truck or a rollback or a flatbed. Beech Grove Towing could just as easily be named Indianapolis Towing because Beech Grove towing covers many areas besides just Beech Grove. We cover towing in Indianapolis, towing in Lawrence, Indiana, towing Greenwood, Towing Whiteland, Towing Franklin, Indiana, Beech Grove towing covers New Palestine towing. In addition to towing we offer several other services like roadside assistance, changing flat tires, jumping dead batteries, winch outs and many other wrecker service related things. We operate our wrecker 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Indianapolis wrecker and Beech Grove wrecker service are our business. Towing is a business of passion and dedication. You have to dedicate yourself to it because you are always working. The tow truck is your friend. People don't realize it, but when your purchase a recovery plate in Indiana, your tow truck or wrecker becomes an emergency vehicle and it is recognized as one. So if there is a snow emergency like Indianapolis and Beech Grove are use to having in the Winter, we can get out to tow your car, do a winch out if you are stuck in the mud or snow. There are several towing companies out there like Lawrence Towing up in Lawrence, Indiana, which is just on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. There is Hanna's towing on the Southwest side of Indianapolis. Hanna's Towing is also known for buying junk cars. We buy junk cars too and tow them for free. Cook's towing or Cooks Towing is located on the Westside of Indianapolis, not too far from Hannas Towing, but a pretty good way from Beech Grove. Amass towing or A-Mass Towing is known more for impounding cars than towing them. Indy Towing is located in the near north side of Indianapolis. Indy Towing has been serving Indianapolis for a long time. Last Chance Wrecker is located right in the hood. Last Chance Wrecker primarily impounds cars for Indianapolis and apartment complexes. Big Reds Towing has been around for a long time. Zore's towing or Zores towing gets most of the cars and impounds off of the Interstates for the Indiana State Police. Zore's Towing cover all of Central Indiana. Speaking of Interstate, Interstate towing has been around for a long time in the Indianapolis area. Hix wrecker service or Hix towing is another company that covers the Interstates in Central Indiana for the Indiana State Police. Hix towing also owns Greenwood towing or Greenwood wrecker service. Steve's towing is a little independent that has been around Indianapolis in the towing business for a long time. Steve's towing is really good people. Lewis Towing works out of Lawrence, Indiana and is a nice independent towing service that does a good job. Lewis towing covers most of Indianapolis in the towing business. A few other good independent towing companies in the Indianapolis area are Affordable Towing and All-N-1-Repair and towing company. They are both good guys that can handle all of your towing needs. Most Indianapolis and Beech Grove towing companies provides 24 Hour emergency towing service.

Beech Grove, Indiana is a city in Marion County, Indiana, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city's population is 14,192. The city is located within the Indianapolis metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Beech Grove is located inside Indianapolis on the Southeastern part of Indianapolis. The city of Beech Grove contains several small waterways. Beech Creek, McFarland Creek, Pullman Creek, and Victory Run all feed into Lick Creek, which (after leaving the city limits) feeds into the West Fork of the White River. White River is the main river that runs right through the center of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The city is located within parts of four of Marion County's townships. In order of city land size, those townships are Perry, Franklin, Center, and Warren. (In order of city population, the list is Perry, Center, and Franklin; the Warren Township section is uninhabited railroad land.)

The city is one of three towns/cities in the United States with this name; the others are in Arkansas and Kentucky. There is also a town in Tennessee, which has the name as one word ("Beechgrove").

Beech Grove has direct access to the Interstate Highway System as it straddles Exit 52 of Interstate 465 at Emerson Ave.. It is served by local public bus routes of Indianapolis' IndyGo system. There is no current light-rail or streetcar service, although one existed in the past.

Beech Grove maintains a distinct address-numbering system from surrounding Indianapolis. Addresses are numbered as either East/West or North/South from the intersection of Main Street and First Avenue. Beech Grove's unique street naming system and the way they number their addresses can be the cause of some confusion when navigating around the Beech Grove/Indianapolis area.

The city's street grid reflects two distinct urban planning styles. The original roadway connecting Beech Grove to Indianapolis was Churchman Avenue, running northwest from Beech Grove. The "original" city was built to the north of Churchman Avenue, on a north/south "grid" pattern with alleys, centered on the widened roads of Main Street and Fifth Avenue. While a parkway was planned for both sides of Lick Creek, only a small segment of it was actually established.

With the post-World War II "Baby Boom" population growth, new streets were built south of Churchman Avenue in the modern style of sweeping curves and "cul-de-sacs."

The growth of Indianapolis toward Beech Grove, and the distinctness of both cities, led to the unusual result of different names for certain roadways. Indianapolis' Troy Avenue becomes Beech Grove's Albany Street; Indianapolis' Sherman Drive becomes Beech Grove's 17th Avenue; and Indianapolis' Emerson Avenue becomes (in places) Beech Grove's 1st Avenue.

Remember, if you need a tow truck in Indianapolis or Beech Grove, to give us a call. We offer 24 Hour Emergency service in Beech Grove and Indianapolis.

Beech Grove Towing | Indianapolis Towing

Beech Grove, INDIANA 46107 US

Phone: 317-893-9008 Website: http://beechgrovetowing.com