Thursday, July 30, 2015

Junk Car Buyers Scams

Junk Car Buyers Scams

Indianapolis, Indiana-With all of the floods that have been happening in Indianapolis the car count for junk cars is way up and the price of scrap metal is way down.  This condition seems to bring out the worse in junk car buyers.  Many junk car buyers in the Indianapolis area will often quote a much higher price to you than they intend to pay you.  Then when the junk car buyer arrives, they will peek under your car or truck and tell you that that Catalytic Converter is after market and not worth very much.  It is true that aftermarket converters aren't worth much, but there is a good chance that your car has a standard convertor on it.  Think back.  Have you ever replaced anything on the exhaust since you have owned it?  There are many others too.  They will tell you your car has the wrong rims on it for the money they quoted you.  If it was going to take these things to get their price, they should have told you.  In reality they never intended to pay the price that they quoted you.  We always pay what we quoted as long at the car is what you stated.  If you want a good, honest junk car buyer, then give us a call at (317) 454-3202. 

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