Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scrapping your car

We literally get around 100 phone calls every day.  We get all kinds of questions.  Some are silly, some are serious.  Today we had a question from a mother whose daughter was wanting to scrap her junk car.  She wanted to go over step by step what was going to happen when Indianapolis Junk Cars showed up to scrap her car.  So we laid it out for her how simple it really is.  We show up with our tow truck.  We pay her the cash that we promised for her junk car.  Our driver shows her where to sign the title at and then she gives it too him.  He then loads the car up on the tow truck or rollback and hauls it in.  The tow is free.  It really is that simple to scrap your car.  So she then asks, "so all I have to do is drain all of the fluids?"  So we then explain that no, we handle all of that for you. We did not mention anything about draining the fluids.  We take care of that.  That is our point.  We make scrapping your junk car simple.  We do all of the hard stuff.  The toughest thing that you will have to do is figure out how to spend the cash we give you for your junk cars or trucks.  Call us (317) 454-3202. 

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