Sunday, January 19, 2014

Indy Auto Recyclers

Indy Auto Recyclers

Salvage Yards Indianapolis

We buy and sell cars

Indy Auto Recyclers

Indy Auto Recyclers

Mission Statement:  Our goal is to help keep Indianapolis clean.  We do our part by buying and selling cars.  We buy junk cars, running cars and wrecked cars.  We come to your home or business and haul them off for you and pay you top dollar.  Then we analyze every vehicle we get to determine what is best for the vehicle and what is best for Indianapolis.  Some cars go straight to the crusher and get recycled.  Some cars go to select salvage yards or junk yards where parts can be sold off of them to keep other vehicles running.  Some cars are fixed and put back in 100% running order and sold as good inexpensive, reliable vehicles.  All in all, our goal is to do our part to keep Indy clean while helping out the local citizens.

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Cash for cars Indianapolis

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