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Pick a Part Indianapolis

Pick a Part Indianapolis

Pick a Part Indianapolis

We are not affiliated with Indy Pic-a-Part
We offer the best prices prices for your your car or truck!

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(317) 893-9008

We buy junk cars!  We buy running cars!

We will buy your car!

We pay top dollar!

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Pick a Part Indianapolis
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Pick a Part Indianapolis

Pick a part Indianapolis-junk cars

We are not a junk yard, but an auto recycler located in Indianapolis.  Why do you want to sell your car to an auto recycler and not to junk yards or salvage yards?  We actually work with several auto salvage yards and junk yards in the Indianapolis area.  We also work with several used car dealers in the Indianapolis area.  What does this mean to you?  Our specialists that come out will be able to determine where you car needs to go.  Pick a Part Indianapolis will send out our specialist that will know which route will bring the most money, so in turn we can pay you more money for your car or truck.  This also benefits the environment by not placing cars in a junk yard that could easily be put back on the street with some minor repairs.  So by working with an auto recycler like ourselves you will actually be able to put more cash in your pocket while helping the environment.

We are not affiliated with Indy Pic-a-Part but we will buy your running or junk car or truck.  We can usually pay you more than just standard pricing by the ton.  We can pay you for the good, usable parts that are on your car.

At Pick a Part Indianapolis not only do we pay you cash for your cars, but at Pick a Part Indianapolis we will come and tow your car in for FREE.

(317) 893-9008

Pick a Part Indianapolis
Pick a Part Indianapolis

Pick a Part Indianapolis
3608 Southeastern Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203 US
Phone: 317-893-9008 Website:

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